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Solar panel installation

Are you looking for the ideal solution to control your energy bills, reduce your ecological footprint
or make your home more profitable?
Invest in a photovoltaic system!

It's a first step towards the energy transition, enabling you to control all or part of your electricity bill.

Photovoltaic panels, installed on your roof or in your garden, capture ambient light and convert it into direct electrical current.

An inverter then transforms this direct current into alternating current to power your lighting and electrical appliances.

Are you producing too much electricity? The surplus is fed into the grid, making your electricity meter run backwards (except in Brussels).

The size of your photovoltaic system depends on the consumption of your household and your home. An average family with two children consumes 3,500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, according to the VREG. You can find out how much you have consumed in previous years by consulting your annual electricity bill.

Rainwater tank

A rainwater harvesting system essentially consists of a cistern, a pump and a filter. If your rainwater cistern is empty, today's systems automatically switch the supply to mains water.

A pvc or concrete rainwater tank is installed under your lawn or driveway. The cistern's volume depends on the surface area of your roof from which the rainwater drains. A pump then feeds the water to internal drainage points. The basis for determining the capacity of your cistern is at least 50 liters per m2 of roof surface. Does your roof cover an area of 150 m2? Then your cistern must have a minimum capacity of 7,500 liters of water. 

What are the advantages of rainwater tanks?

Less use of anti-limescale for your appliances, less need for water softeners, longer washing machine life, less wear and tear on linen, longer life for water pipes and water-heating appliances. Cisterns store rainwater runoff from a building and send it to various points of use via a hydrophore unit. The water collected in your cistern can be used for non-food purposes, such as watering, cleaning and flushing, or, after filtration and treatment, for washing machines, dishwashers and baths/showers. The capacity of a rainwater cistern depends on the household's water requirements. The volume varies from 1,100 to 20,000 liters:

Heat pump

The energy consumption of a heat pump is low. In fact, only electrical current is needed to power the compressor. The remaining energy comes from the heat in the environment. Compared with a conventional natural gas or oil furnace, a heat pump consumes up to 40% less energy.

There are four different types of heat pump: air-to-air heat pumps, air-to-water heat pumps, ground-to-water and water-to-water heat pumps, and hybrid systems. Contact us for more information!

Roofing insulation

Sloped roofs are usually insulated between the rafters using wood or mineral wool. Sarking roofing is an alternative solution in which the insulation is located on the upper side of the supporting structure. This method offers major advantages: the load-bearing structure can support any extra weight.

When renovating a flat roof, inverted roofing is often an attractive solution. When the roof's waterproofing is still in good condition, it's easy enough to apply insulation and a layer of ballast.
In addition to insulation, we can also take care of the complete repair of your roof in tile, slate, roofing or zinc.

Facade insulation

When choosing insulating materials, consider not only insulating value, but also ease of installation and ecological aspects. Roughly speaking, insulating materials fall into three categories: mineral wools, synthetic materials and bio-ecological products.

We can also insulate your cavity walls or backsplashes. We also insulate exterior walls with polyurethane or cork insulation panels.

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I highly recommend the teams at Atelier Thomquin. They undertook a major renovation of my house in Rhode St Genese and although I'm a difficult and demanding customer, I can't be more pleased with the result.
Many thanks to them.

Mr J Pulinx
We were very satisfied with the renovation work carried out by Ateliers Thomquin. Éric Michel is a good advisor, concerned about the quality of the work and meeting deadlines. We wouldn't hesitate to call on him again for future projects.

Mr and Mrs RICHARD.

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