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Interior painting. To your good taste!

Decorative painting of walls and ceilings is not just a question of colors. The Ateliers Thomquin team also advises on the choice of finishes, textures and types of paint best suited to each space, ensuring harmony with the occupants' lifestyle. Once we've studied the surface, we'll suggest solutions that match the surface, your requirements and your budget! 

Glass matting can be THE solution for preventing cracks in your walls. If you don't want to strip the ceiling and then plaster it. Decorative Tasso on your walls can add discreet relief and foolproof rigidity. It's also possible to coat the wall covering and then paint your walls and ceilings.

A simple update to your living room with pretty wallpaper can be enchanting and easily personalize your interior design. The addition of a simple wall frieze or placement of decorative ceiling molding can change everything.

Repainting your doors, frames and radiators is also an opportunity to refurbish them.

We work exclusively with professional brands such as Sigma and Trimétal. On request, we also carry out custom projects using Farrow and Ball interior paints or Flamant paints.

Spray painting is not only fast for industrial jobs such as painting parking lots, cellars or warehouses, it also offers uniform application and guarantees a professional finish.

We also carry out epoxy painting of floors carried out by Ateliers Thomquin. 

In short, choosing our painting company Ateliers Thomquin for your interior renovation guarantees high-quality aesthetic results. But also a professional approach handed down from father to son and carried out by our skilled craftsmen, taking into account every detail for an interior that's both functional and aesthetically to your liking! 

Painting renovation apartment in Uccle
Interior painting Uccle villas
Interior painting

Exterior painting. Renovating your facade can't be improvised!

Facade paint plays a crucial role in the overall aesthetics of a property. Ateliers Thomquin offers expertise in this field, choosing paints to match the cladding, whether brick, render or cement. Preliminary work is also important. After assessing your facade, it may be necessary to strip the surface before cementing. Or cracks may need to be opened and sealed. Covering the facade with canvas may also be an option to prevent cracks in your facade. We also take care offacade restoration. With hydrogommage, your basement or bluestone console is restored to its former glory. Renovating your facade doesn't just happen - call on our professional craftsmen

Exterior painting carried out by professionals such as Ateliers Thomquin offers a number of significant advantages. Painting woodwork, for example, ensures optimum protection against the elements, prolonging the durability of the wood while providing a well-groomed appearance.

Ateliers Thomquin's craftsmen are experts at painting wooden cornices, frames and shutters, adding an aesthetic touch to architectural elements while protecting them from external aggression. Paintwork on frames and dormers is carried out with precision, enhancing visual appeal and guaranteeing lasting protection.

Renovation of ironwork is also approached with professionalism, providing a protective layer against rust while enhancing the goldsmith's work.

In short, choosing Ateliers Thomquin for your interior and exterior painting needs guarantees not only a controlled budget , but also high-quality, aesthetic results. aesthetic results.. Our skilled craftsmen's professional and specialized approach takes into account every detail for a technically and aesthetically impeccable result.

Renovation of facade paintwork.
Facade painting Linkebeek
Renovating the facade

Our customers testify

I highly recommend the company's services! Technical capacity, competence, honest management and respect for deadlines are all proven assets of the company. It was a real pleasure to work with them;
I'm very satisfied with Ateliers Thomquin's service: the wooden facade of my house was repainted by them over three floors. The work was meticulous, closely monitored by Mr Michel, and completed on schedule. I recommend Ateliers Thomquin
Ms Portalier

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