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Garden landscaping refers to the renovation or modification of an existing garden to make it more aesthetic, functional or adapted to your specific needs. This can involve various steps such as redesigning the landscape, planting new plant species, creating recreational areas, installing fences, paths or outdoor structures, as well as adding lighting or decorative elements. The main aim of a garden makeover is to create a pleasant, harmonious outdoor space in keeping with your tastes and needs. We work closely with a garden landscaper who can also advise you.


A driveway makeover refers to the modification or improvement of the existing driveway to meet specific needs or to create a new aesthetic appearance. This can include many types of work, such as widening the driveway, adding Klinkers pavers or cut stone, repairing cracks or potholes, installing bluestone or decorative azobe edging, landscaping around the driveway, adding a lighting system, or any other modification to improve the functionality or appearance of the driveway. Driveway conversions can be carried out for practical reasons, such as increasing parking space, or for aesthetic reasons, to improve the visual appeal of your property.

Facade renovation

Facade renovation refers to the process of repairing, restoring or improving the external appearance of a building such as your villa or house. This can involve a number of different stages, such as cleaning, facade restoration, repairing cracks, replacing damaged materials such as rendering or cementing, painting brickwork or applying a water-repellent protective coating. We'll also install scaffolding and check the condition of your woodwork and waterproofing. The main aim of renovating your facade is to restore its aesthetic appearance, while ensuring its durability and protection against the elements. Repainting your facade offers real added value, both aesthetically and financially .

Did you know that if you resell your property, you can expect to earn up to 15% more?

Roof renovation

Renovating the roof of your Brussels home offers several important advantages. Firstly, it maintains the structural integrity of your home by ensuring watertightness and protection from the elements. A roof in good condition prevents water leaks, seepage and moisture damage, helping to preserve the value of your property.

Secondly, a renovated roof improves your home's thermal insulation, which can save you money on heating and air-conditioning costs. A well-insulated roof reduces heat loss in winter and stays cool in summer.

What's more, roof renovation can also improve the aesthetic appearance of your home. Our team is here to help you choose the most modern and attractive roofing materials that match your style and the architecture of your home.

Finally, roof renovation can be a preventive measure to avoid more serious problems in the future. By identifying and repairing any damage or signs of wear, you can avoid more costly repairs in the long term.

In short, renovating your roof offers benefits such as weather protection, improved insulation, beautification of your home and prevention of future problems.

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I highly recommend the teams at Atelier Thomquin. They undertook a major renovation of my house in Rhode St Genese and although I'm a difficult and demanding customer, I can't be more pleased with the result.
Many thanks to them.

Mr J Pulinx
We were very satisfied with the renovation work carried out by Ateliers Thomquin. Éric Michel is a good advisor, concerned about the quality of the work and meeting deadlines. We wouldn't hesitate to call on him again for future projects.

Mr and Mrs RICHARD.

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