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Kitchen renovation

Transform your kitchen into a dream space with the expertise of Ateliers Thomquin!

Immerse yourself in an intense renovation experience, where every detail is specially designed to create a kitchen that combines functionality, aesthetics and innovation. Discover the 20 must-have reasons to choose our general contractor Ateliers Thomquin to transform your culinary space and make every moment spent in your new kitchen space a culinary dream come true.

1. Professional expertise: Les Ateliers Thomquin offers solid expertise in kitchen renovation, guaranteeing quality workmanship.
2. Customized design: Take advantage of our custom design services to create a kitchen that perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle. From standard melamine kitchens at very attractive prices to custom-made laminate kitchens.
3. Quality materials: The use of top-quality materials guarantees the durability and aesthetic appeal of your new kitchen.
4. Space optimization: Les Ateliers Thomquin can maximize the use of space, making your kitchen more functional and ergonomic. Would you like to demolish a load-bearing wall to enlarge your kitchen and turn it into an open-plan kitchen? We'll check feasibility AND implementation, including all finishing touches!
5. Upgrading equipment: this is the opportunity to benefit from the latest trends in appliances and technologies for a modern, efficient kitchen.
6. Energy savings: Renovation can include energy-efficient upgrades such as insulation, or simply choosing the right mixer, which can translate into long-term savings on energy costs.
7. Increased property value: A renovated kitchen can significantly increase the value of your property.
8. Compliance with safety standards: Renovations can update installations to meet current safety standards, such as electronics.
9. Improved aesthetics: transform the look of your kitchen with modern, personalized aesthetic choices. Need to choose a particular worktop or credenza? Consult our kitchen renovation company.
10. Satisfaction guaranteed: Les Ateliers Thomquin is committed to customer satisfaction, ensuring a positive experience throughout the renovation process.
11. Personalized follow-up: avoid the risk of accident Benefit from personalized support throughout your project, with ONE dedicated contact person from the design stage right through to the complete installation of your kitchen.
12. Meeting deadlines: The company is committed to meeting agreed deadlines, ensuring punctual delivery of your new kitchen.
13. Transparent budget: Benefit from total cost transparency, avoiding financial surprises throughout the renovation process.
14. Satisfaction guarantee: Les Ateliers Thomquin offer guarantees on their work, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the end result.
15. Expert advice: Benefit from expert design and layout advice to make informed decisions when renovating your kitchen.
16. Respect for the environment: The company can offer environmentally-friendly options to contribute to the sustainability of your renovation project.
17. Integration of specific needs: Les Ateliers Thomquin takes your specific needs into account, whether for a family kitchen, a rental renovation or any other project.
18. Style versatility: Whatever your preferred style, Ateliers Thomquin can adapt to create a kitchen that matches your aesthetic tastes.
19. Collaboration with reliable partners: The company can partner with reliable suppliers, guaranteeing the quality of the materials used in your kitchen.
20. Proven experience: Les Ateliers Thomquin can point to a successful track record in kitchen renovation, illustrated by numerous previous high-quality projects.
Embark on the exciting journey of culinary renovation. Let our dedicated team bring your aspirations to life, creating a kitchen that exceeds your expectations!
Opt for the quality, creativity and professionalism of Ateliers Thomquin, and discover the daily pleasure of cooking in a space tailor-made for you.
Treat yourself to the pleasure of transformation, treat yourself to Ateliers Thomquin's German-quality kitchen!

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We work with Ateliers Thomquin on a regular basis, and can confirm our satisfaction with the quality of execution of the projects entrusted to us, on time and within budget. A serious company, that's becoming rare. Building management.
Laurent Legros
I've used the services of Eric Michel's company on several occasions (painting, maintenance), and the work has always been carried out professionally, punctually and in accordance with the estimates. I therefore recommend his services.
Guillaume Prache

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