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Structural work

One of our specialties is also structural work, which refers to the initial and structural construction of a building. As a general contractor, here are some of the jobs we typically carry out in the south of Brussels and surrounding areas such as Rhode saint genèse, Waterloo, Linkebeek, etc...

  1. Foundations and earthworks: excavation of soil, excavation and backfilling, installation of foundation elements (footings, piles, etc.) to ensure the stability of the construction.
  2. Masonry work: construction of load-bearing walls in brick, breeze-block, reinforced concrete, stepoc walls, etc.
  3. Structural work: Installation of the wood, metal or concrete framework that supports the roof.
  4. In-ground slab: Pouring the concrete slab that forms the floor of each level of the building, as well as supplying and installing beams and wedges. And finally the compression slab on the reinforcing steel mesh.
  5. Load-bearing elements: Construction of the pillars, concrete beams and steel joists that support the building structure.
  6. Elevations: erection of Ytong block walls and interior partitions.
  7. Installation of waterproofing elements such as mebrane platon, Diba and Derbigum.

Our customers testify

I highly recommend the teams at Atelier Thomquin. They undertook a major renovation of my house in Rhode St Genese and although I'm a difficult and demanding customer, I can't be more pleased with the result.
Many thanks to them.

Mr J Pulinx
We were very satisfied with the renovation work carried out by Ateliers Thomquin. Éric Michel is a good advisor, concerned about the quality of the work and meeting deadlines. We wouldn't hesitate to call on him again for future projects.

Mr and Mrs RICHARD.

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