ECORENO provides a financing solution for all types of renovation work in Brussels.

The ECORENO loan provides a financing solution for all types of renovation work on a home in Brussels. It is aimed at homeowners and future homeowners. It is also available to tenants at a preferential rate for consumer credit.

This enables homeowners to finance insulation, ventilation, new heating systems, photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and solar water heaters. Les Ateliers Thomquin can provide you with a no-obligation quotation. 

Contact Homegrade or Réseau Habitat for more information about ECORENO Credit. Their renovation advisors will help you put together your credit application. They'll help you define your project free of charge, while estimating the amount of RENOLUTION incentives to which you're entitled. 

You can also simulate yourECORENO loan on the Fond du Logement website. This first loan takes the form of a consumer credit or a mortgage, depending on the analysis of your file and the amount borrowed.

It is the fruit of a partnership between Le Fonds du logement, Homegrade, Réseau Habitat and Bruxelles Environnement as part of RENOLUTION.

Homegrade and Réseau Habitat advisors can help you with your renovation projects, free of charge. They can also estimate the amount of RENOLUTION grants available, and help you prepare your credit application. Read more here.

Don't hesitate to contact Les Ateliers Thomquin for all your renovation projects.

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