The disappearing bathtub... Lacking space in their bathrooms, homeowners now swear by showers.

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It's one of the logical consequences of the overall reduction in the surface area of our homes: bathtubs are deserting our bathrooms in favor of showers, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated and luxurious. "In large homes, where traditionally there were several bathrooms with bathtubs, owners generally keep only one for relaxation and replace the others with a shower. In smaller homes, however, there are hardly any: bathtubs are tending to disappear altogether, giving way to showers," observes renovation and construction company Atelier Thomquin.

"Showers account for 80% of our requests. And the trend has been confirmed year after year since 2005. As we can see during our installations, bathroom and kitchen spaces tend to shrink, so the equipment is designed accordingly," he continues. 

The environmental argument is no stranger to the phenomenon either. "Showers have evolved to become more comfortable while avoiding over-consumption of water. An increasing number of leading brands are offering eco-friendly models, which can save you a lot of money", he adds.

Some showers, for example, are fitted with thermostatic faucets that enable users to obtain water at the desired temperature directly, without having to waste liters of cold water beforehand.

Showerheads that provide live information on the number of liters of water used, and warn users in the event of overconsumption, have also appeared on the market.



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